0x10c is a cancelled game project by Markus Persson. I worked on it for a bit, but I think Markus thought the game would never be good enough and decided to cancel it. I personally still think the concept and world is brilliant, so I’m bummed out that it doesn’t exist. I released this when Microsoft officially announced they were going to acquire Mojang.

Well, this tiny EP contains the theme song, intro sound, and a different version on the theme song. I’m pretty proud of it. I spent a LOT of time thinking what it could sound like. I also spent extra care on how bad it sounds. Despite the fact that you can download it lossless, there’s always gonna be a digital waterfall running.

I wanna make a game with this kind of mood again.

0x10c is free, so you can only get it from Bandcamp, linked here. I’m still debating if I should upload it to Spotify. Maybe I should.