148 is dedicated to everyone that forgets where the 1 goes

148 is a ballad made of house music

148 is a collection of music that never fit anywhere

148 is a collaboration with great artists

148 is about depression

148 is for dancing

148 is when minecraft has no chill

148  at all times has not a single chill

148 is 418774418774418774418774418774418774

Let’s talk about it.

The first three songs, “Semantic Satiation,” “Septic Shock,” and “Seismic Stratigraphy” are what I like to call house ballad. An ode to my previous life, as a worker bee. It’s all about the dull emotions of having a super mediocre work life. And about being lonely and not having anyone to hang out with.

“Droopy Remembers” is a reimagining of the Droopy songs on Minecraft, but more pimp.

“Kompass” is a remix of one of the songs in Fez, but sort of as a post rock thing. I think Rich likes it.

“185” is a collaboration between Baiyon and me, a sort of mix of my neverending house rhythm and Baiyon’s impeccable knowledge of minimal techno.

“Jimtention” is my continuation of what “BGC418” used to be. Jimmy made a new album and I made a new Jimmyfication.

“Friend” is a secret message to all the Twitter followers who hate me but still insist on following me. Why? Leave me alone. You are not my friend.

“Vierton,” “Aria Economy,” “Biome Party,” and “Beta” are all remixes of some of my Minecraft songs, but actually danceable, not just chill.

For “481772” I wanted to kind of get some sort of poem on top of it all, but I am no good with words, so I kinda gave up on it. However I think the track is still super good even without any voice.

“Ample Time” was a song made out of frustration when I had to work abroad for a company that couldn’t get their sh*t together. I just wrote this song while waiting on them.

“Habitual Crush” is kind of an obvious hint that I was very confused about relationships. Love life has always been hard for me because I love a lot of people at the same time. Like, maybe not as a crush, but more as I cherish people very dearly, and it might look like I wanna date them, haha.

“Round Up to the Inevitable End” is probably the best song on the entire record. It’s both Drum and Bass and something that I would call not bad Dubstep, hahahaha.

“841” is the outro to “148”. It says goodbye as much as it says hello. It could have been the intro, but does it matter? No, cuz the album is done and over.

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