2 years of failure describes the content of this album aptly. It’s a collection of 2 years of projects that lead nowhere. Or songs that didn’t fit anywhere else. For example, the 90s_ selection of songs is part of a game that was supposed to have a sort of japanese puzzle exchange kinda vibe. I jumped out of that project because I was absolutely not in the right headspace to work on as many projects as I signed myself up to at that time.

house_loneliness is part of a project that was very promising, but all team members moved on to do other things and it ultimately lead to nothing.

The cr_ songs actually have a home, in crayon physics. It’s just two songs though. I never knew where to fit them. I personally don’t like EP’s that much, even though it’s very modern to release EP’s with just a small selection of things. That seems messy in my mind. I always like to sort my music in big albums that contain it all.

There’s also a buncha remixes, like egoismus, kaneda and stranger think. egoismus is a remix of the same song in zweitonegoismus. kaneda is a combination of Akira’s soundtrack and my song from “one”. And stranger think is a song very much reminiscent of Stranger Things, though I hope I didn’t steal too much.

2 years of failure is a free album, so you can only get it from Bandcamp, linked here. I’m still debating if I should upload it to Spotify, but it would mean I’d have to remove at least one song due to licensing. So I’m not sure yet!