a cobblers tee thug is a real stinker. But there’s a reason to it!

This album was created with my old friend, “sohnemann,” or sometimes also “smn”. New Years 2009 we decided to hang out together and create an entire LP length album in what little time we had. Which was much less than 5 days.

We accomplished that goal, but boy oh boy are these some mediocre songs, ha!

Though, let me point out a few songs that aren’t as half bad.

“sound” is  an ambient tune with the accompanying fireworks that have been shooting around as we were working on this track.

“goltra” has a real dissonance and I think that’s why I still like it.

“crowdpleaser” is a drum and bass song which we wanted to create because we attended a DnB party the day before. We kinda made fun of the fact that a lot of DnB songs are in, what was it again, 5/4? And that there’s guys shouting randomly.

“test” is a not half bad uplifting house track. I think we knew it at the time, so we put a lot of polish in it. Well, as much polish as you can give a turd with less than 3 hours of work on it.

a cobblers tee thug is a free album, so you can only get it from Bandcamp, linked here. Since it’s a real stinker I won’t be uploading it anywhere else. Sorry!