Bushes and Marshmallows was an album that was at the cusp of me starting work on Minecraft. It’s an eclectic mess of tongue-in-cheek songs that really have no other reason existing but because I wanted to make random stuff.

“Unreasonable” had a music video made, which is what the header is playing. You can find it here.

“I believe I can fly” is not all that special, it’s just a dumb joke on lyrics. However someone told me they’d give me a hundred bucks if I ever release a version without the censorship. I never ended up doing that. Well, if I ever am short on cash, I’ll remember that.

“Yes” is a remix project. One of those where, like, famous artists ask you to remix their work and give you their stems. I kinda didn’t use any of their stuff in any way they wanted to, and I also never heard back from them. I don’t even remember who it was.

“Monkey Park” is a song that starts out very slow and brooding, then evolves into sheer insanity.

I remember that someone hosted “chant” in some ambient music podcast because they liked it.

“Höre” is an improv piece where pretty much everything has been recorded in real time. I do not know why I decided to put in the “do a barrel roll sample.” I think this piece turned out quite great though. Except for said sample.

“But I love you” is a goodbye piece. I think I did try to imitate Aphex Twin a bit there.

“What” is a song that I created for a friend’s project. However I do not recall which friend or what project.

Another thing I recall is the name of the album. Bushes and Marshmallows was my english translation to a blog I used to host, called “Blödsinn am Mittwoch,” which translates into “silliness on Wednesday.” On that blog I created some piece of music every Wednesday, even if I had no time. It helped me get better at making music, and get better at making mediocre music under pressure, haha.

Now, Bushes and Marshmallows doesn’t really have anything to do with the blog, but I guess I just wanted to sort of memorialize the name like that. Bushes and Marshmallows. Blödsinn am Mitwoch. BaM. Bam.

Bushes and Marshmallows is a free album, so you can only get it from Bandcamp, linked here. I’m probably not gonna upload it to other sources like Spotify. But if I ever do, they will be linked here.