circle is a game project I worked on in 2008 with a dev friend who, I think, works at Unity now. It was a very cute game where you grow planets that have cute faces, and you make all the inhabitants do kind all kinds of work, like build houses and such. The album art is very reminiscent of what the game used to look like.

“deldee” probably has my favourite chord progression in the entire album, at around 6:30. I still occasionally go back to it to listen to that part.

“minimal” was the song I created for the robotic planets full of worker bee figures.

“subtle cupcake rhythms” makes no sense as a title. I just asked Kyle Pulver what to name an ambient song, and he suggested that.

“depado” is sort of a remaking of a much older song of mine. The dev kind of requested I make it again for them, so I did. I guess you could consider it a theme song of sorts? Who knows. There is no game after all.

circle is a free album, so you can only get it from Bandcamp, linked here. I prooobably won’t upload it to other sources. Sorry!