This is the B-Sides to 72 Minutes of Fame. It’s very B because it isn’t that good.

It also contains songs that didn’t fit in anywhere, like Sweeney S Greenville, which is a song I created for a charity back then. Or Meatcraft, which is a remix I did for Super Meatboy. Danny wanted to call it Meatcraft because he’s oh-so-creative. ?

Listening to it again now, I kind of appreciate “song that didn’t get on the new album #1.” It’s a super cheeky little piece. I think I didn’t put it on 72 Minutes because I wanted that album to have a generally very dark tone, and this song is super tongue-in-cheek.

The second song to this was not put on the album because I just didn’t know how to mix house music well. I still don’t know if I figured it out, haha.

“I forgot something, didnt I.” is a free album, so you can only get it from Bandcamp, linked here. I’m not going to upload it to commercial services. Sorry!