life changing moments seem minor in pictures is an album I created when I just quit my job and the German military decided they really needed me to still work, just after I went with the mindset of “I can be independent.”

I mean, ultimately it was just six months of extra work I had to do for the country. It wasn’t even military work. I was allowed to do social work instead. Still though, I was forced to do work JUST when I decided that maybe I can try things on my own. I still dream of this feeling of having to do work, even though I just decided to be free.

…feels like I just wrote the same sentence five times. Well, yeah, it was a strong emotion, haha.

This album is a collection of stuff I did for several things. Most of them originate from my time with the TIGSource community

“I lack an emotion” was made for a friend’s game, “I can’t afford mastering” was made at the Berlin Indie Game jam, which was a TIGSource community operated event.

“Sometimes I make video game music” has been made for a game jam based on the Action 52 NES catridge. The game jam itself didn’t really pan out because of bad organisation, but I created a ton of stuff which ended up on this album nonetheless.

There are also a lot of ambient works that I’m kinda proud of to this day. Those are “words you will never understand,” “I will perhaps never meet you in person,” “I don’t need to know you to be in love,” “One second,” “Please Do,” and “Life changing moments seem minor in pictures.” I named all of these at the same time because they originate from a singular project, called ezo. It was a game I created for one of the Ludum Dare game jams. But most importantly, it was the first game I ever created. Not really good, but it was a game! All of these ambient songs essentially have been created by using Absynth and the mutate button, haha. Real good for rapid prototyping!

“Long songs are for people who don’t have time to make them short” is probably worth mentioning for how silly it is. Back then I wanted to make a rapid fire of short songs put into a singular song, so this is what it ended up being. And people say I only write ambient! Pah!

“if you don’t know what to do just steal the amen break” is a silly little proverb that I used to hold dear when I didn’t know how to make a song sound good. The amen break is a very famous drum loop, which is also embedded into this song. If you would like to know more about the amen break itself, check out this video/audio. The song is pretty straightforward. I must have found some sort of monophonic synth preset that I appreciated, cuz I went wild with one, haha.

Life changing moments is also the album where Droopy, a song people know from Minecraft, originally came from. I think the reason I added it to Minecraft Alpha is because at the time, the official Minecraft trailer used this song.

The eclecticism of this album is very strong, and I think that’s why it kind of aged well, perhaps? There’s so much variety, anyone can find stuff in there.

life changing moments seem minor in pictures is a free album, so you can only get it from Bandcamp, linked here. Maybe I’ll upload it to Spotify if I can figure out how to make the album year be proper, who knows!