little things is quite literally a collection of little things, released for free.

“Bummer” and “peanuts” are both songs for a project that I worked on and then never heard of again. I think that’s why I called the first song bummer, haha.

Familiar faces is a song that I created when trying out my brother’s Virus TI. Which explains why there is a lot of clicky-ness. I didn’t quite figure out how to get around the limitations of the synth and I kind of overwhelmed it.

I have NO recollection of creating “It’s complicated.” It’s clearly my style and I swear I made it. But I don’t remember doing so.

“hotel music” is a little thing that I created when I was dead sick off a flu I got in Stockholm. I couldn’t really get outside, so I tried to kill time by making music.

“sod” is a style of music that I used to do a lot around that time. Basically take a general mood and jam on it until the song gets too long, haha.

“heyhey” is definitely also for a project that I’ve never heard of again. Bummer, I liked making that song.

little things is a free album, so you can only get it from Bandcamp, linked here. I’m not gonna upload it to any other service as of now. Sorry!