Seven Years of Server Data! I uploaded this album before I went to the first Minecon, hosted in Las Vegas. I had some sort of sinus infection that resided somewhere within my ears. It was so bad that I lost my sense of gravity. This is what I remember when I think about Seven Years.

Obviously that’s not what this album is about though, lol. Seven Years is a collection of actual seven years of music I uploaded onto my server, for whatever reason. Most likely to share it with friends. I never put these songs anywhere, so I decided to make it a free album.

There’s a lot of varied and crazy stuff in here, like Vlem, which is a song I made while sitting on the floor of Vlambeers office.

A few collaborations, like BGC418, which I did with Jimmy Hinson, or Big Giant Circles. Deadmau5 worked with me too briefly, on mau5cave. Lusine Icl and Weebl didn’t really work with me. I just kinda remixed their stuff, haha.

The weirdest remix I ever worked on is actually the weirdest remix I ever worked on. The way I did it is with an old friend of mine that I cherish, Jannik. I created a project file with premade instruments and drumsets and all. And we had the goal that we each get two bars to work on until the next person has to go back and work on it. And so forth and so on. It’s kind of a mental song because we kept joking around with the transitions.

Not Atlantis is a song I still cherish. I just love the atmosphere I managed to create.

And Sirtet is tetris backwards.

Man, this is all quite some old stuff, haha!

Seven Years of Server Data is a free album, so you can only get it from Bandcamp, linked here. I’m not going to upload it to commercial services. Sorry!