zweitonegoismus is probably the most concise and least eclectic album I created. If you scrub through it, you probably notice that it generally sounds brooding and depressing. I created this album to describe my mood, being a worker bee in an assembly line factory. zweiton egoismus translates to “two tone egoism”. If I remember correctly, I was trying to imply that I wanted to make an album purely for myself and nobody else. I was ashamed of being too repetitive and not being varied enough. So here’s an album that has about two different kind of changes of tones. And a lot of “egoistic” minimalism.

You can probably hear that the most in “kopfmusic,” which is a song that essentially describes an average workday. From waking up, to having the grueling walk to work, the dull work day itself and finally the walk back home.

“egoismus” was my attempt at making minimalistic house music, at the time. I was always kind of jealous of composers that were able to accomplish so much with so little. It was also really hard for me to do as little as possible when composing. I feel like if I repeat a phrase too often, it looks like I’m lazy. I think that’s why I named the track “egoism”.

“phlips” was a challenge a friend I hold very dear gave to me. He gave me a set of samples and I had to create a song with it. This is the result. I still like it to this date.

Similarly in “phleps” he recorded a simple guitar strum, and I made a song based on that with another old friend, “sohnemann”. He’s responsible for all the lyrics on this album. Contrary to popular belief I didn’t sing on this album. At least I think I didn’t, haha.

Again with “plastik,” sohnemann provided the lyrics, while I created a song based around it. He didn’t even sing the notes. I completely modified his vocals, haha. Probably the first time I tinkered around with melodyne.

zweitonegoismus is a short album, but I think it’s good that it doesn’t waste anyone’s time. When I showed it to a coworker, they asked why the hell I am still working there. That kinda stuck with me. Years later I quit that job to be a full time composer. Thank you, coworker friend.

zweitonegoismus is a free album, so you can only get it from Bandcamp, linked here. I’m still debating if I should upload it to Spotify. Who knows!