Where can I stalk, I mean… find Daniel?

Oh! Well, that’s simple. Here are places I hang out on the internet.

Feel free to chat me up and stuff!┬áBe careful, I’m definitely what you would call, a, uh, sh*tposter.

I also need to write a little bit of useless text in this paragraph. Cuz if I don’t, the overview page breaks because of the social media buttons. And since I’m a really REALLY bad web dev, this is essentially my solution to the bug. Whoop!

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Want to contact Daniel? You can send me a mail here!

A few things to note though: I do get LOTS and LOTS of emails every day, and I will most likely not be able to respond to you. I absolutely read every single email though! If you need to inquire about business stuff, you can contact my manager, Patrick! His email is Patrick (that at email symbol) threepm.net