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Is there something like a forum where I can talk about all of this stuff?

Yes! There's a sub-reddit and a discord! You can find links to both right here. go here for the sub reddit go here for the discord Want to contact Daniel? You can send a mail here! A few things to note though: I do get LOTS and LOTS of emails every day, and I will…
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Where can I stalk, I mean… find Daniel?

Oh! Well, that's simple. Here are places I hang out on the internet. Feel free to chat me up and stuff! Be careful, I'm definitely what you would call, a, uh, sh*tposter. I also need to write a little bit of useless text in this paragraph. Cuz if I don't, the overview page breaks because of…

What does Daniel use to make music?

Well, this is one of the most popular questions being asked to pretty much any creative except people who write books for some reason.   Short answer: It doesn't matter   Long answer, well, let me write down what software and hardware I have... My Computers This keeps changing regularly, so expect this thing to…

What am I allowed to do with Daniel’s music?

Hey so, turns out copyright law is a fickle thing! If you've clicked on this, you probably have been wondering if you're allowed to use my music in your youtube video or your twitch stream or whatever other video service there is. Well, so, here's the permissions I'mma lay out to ya: You CAN use…

Who is Daniel?

Hello! Again! My Name's Daniel Rosenfeld. I was born in Eastern Germany in 1989, just when the Berlin Wall was still around. Which has the funny side effect that the city I've been born in still had the name "Karl-Marx-Stadt" (Stadt translates to city). A few months later after the wall fell, they quickly, slightly embarrassed, renamed…
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Want to contact me? You can send me a mail here!

A few things to note though: I do get LOTS and LOTS of emails every day, and I will most likely not be able to respond to you. I absolutely read every single email though! If you need to inquire about business stuff, you can contact my manager, Patrick! His email is Patrick (that at email symbol)